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The following list is a record of important milestones in the journey of MIC:

1988 -
   Master Instrument Corporation of Shanghai Ltd. (MIC) founded.

1991 -
   MIC/SHA began production of Diode Rectifiers in cooperation with GS Taiwan.

1992 -
   Shanghai Changfu Electronic Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Tongfu Silicon Co. Ltd.established.

1994 -
   MIC moved to Zhuanqiao.

1996 -
MICcertified ISO-9002 quality assurance examination by China Commodities Inspection Bureau.

1997 -
MIC began production of Automotive Rectifiers

1998 -
MIC's Bridge Rectifiers recognized by Underwriters' Laboratories

1999 -
MIC/SHA began to production of X'Mas Diode. MIC/CF began production of GPP Bridge Rectifiers. MIC/SHA began production of SMD.

2001 -
Formation of Master Instrument Corporation (India) for exclusive distribution of MIC products in India.

The Company
2002 -
    Shanghai Tongfu Silicon Co. Ltd. certified ISO-9001:2000. MIC and Shanghai Changfu certified ISO-9001:2000 new certificate approval.

2002 -
    MIC/SHA and Changfu certified as QS9000 by BVQI.

2004 -
   MIC relocated production to a new facility.

2005 -
   MIC and Shanghai Changfu andShanghai Tongfu Silicon Co. Ltd. certified ISO14001:2004 by BVQI.

2005 -
   MIC and Shanghai Changfu and Shanghai Tongfu Silicon Co. Ltd. certified OHSAS 18001:1999 by BVQI

2006 -
   MICcertified ISO/TS 16949 by BVQI.

2008 -
   MIC Began Producing LED Suitable For Home Lighting.

2010 -
   MIC Began Producing Power LED's Upto 100 Watt.

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